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Bordeaux guide - Victoria Nabholz
Bordeaux guide - Victoria Nabholz



Gascony - "French Toscany"


        Who hasn't read Alexander Dumas' novel "The Three Musketeers" ?!

        D'Artagnan is a historical and literary Gascon hero.

         In the excursion "In the footsteps of Artagnan", I will transmit the Gascon soul through the character of d'Artagnan: cordiality, generosity, sincerity, honesty, joie de vivre, friendship.

         Imagine that the historic territory of the Gascogny occupied the whole southwest of present-day France from Angoulême to Bayonne, and from Bordeaux to Périgord. the Gascony was s separate  historical, cultural, linguistic, traditional unity.

         Today, Gascogne is a tourist "country". Its capital is Auch in the Gers. Then, the territory of Gascogne today is called Armagnac.

         Our road will bring us to the village of Lupiac, where Charles de Batz-Castellmore, count D'Artagnan was born. There we will visit Castelmore Castle, the museum which is dedicated to D'Artagnan.

         We will also visit the city of Condom, where there is a monument to the four musketeers Atos, Portos, Aramis and D’Artanian, the work of Russian sculptor Zurab Tseritelli.

         We will visit one of the medieval fortresses called "Clementins" in the name of Pope Clement V of Gascon origin.


         Then we will be pleased to visit the foie gras production farm with tasting, a visit to the Armagnac production house, of course, with a tasting, lunch in a wonderful restaurant with regional cuisine.

  The rich program waits for you.