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Bordeaux guide - Victoria Nabholz
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La Rochelle - the Bastion of Protestantism



La Rochelle - an Atlantic port city, protected by the islands of Ré, Aix and Oléron. It's one of the most beautiful historic and architectural cities in France.

         It is an important seaport of the 12th century, from where the Knights of Jesus - the Templars and the Hospitallers sailed in the Holy Land to fight with the Barbarians.

         It is a rich medieval commercial port, where merchants, sailors, shipowners, charterers, people of different nationalities lived.

         This city is a fortress belonging to the British during the 100 Years War.

         It was the bastion of Protestantism during the wars of religion, which ended with the siege and the surrender of the fortress to       Louis XIII.

         La Rochelle is known worldwide by the novel by Alexandre Dumas "Three Musketeers", and Fort Boyard near the island of Aix is ​​famous by the novel "the Count of Montecristo".

         The town today is very picturesque: The lighthouse of 4 sergeants, the tower of Saint-Nicolas - the defensive monument that has remained in all its splendor.

         The medieval streets of the old town with wooden pine houses will allow us to imagine life in the past.

         You will learn that La Rochelle is not only a seaport, but also the center around which the vineyards are concentrated for the production of cognac  and wine.

         From La Rochelle, we fly over the ocean on a 3 km bridge to the Ile de Ré. This island is remarkable not only for its natural beauty, the freshness of the air and the peculiarity of architectural buildings, but also oysters are produced here. You will taste them with the freshest white wine.

        The day spent in La Rochelle, wine and cognac tasting, as well as oysters on the Ile de Ré will become unforgettable for you. The seafood is also fresh and wonderful!